About Our Doctors:

We only recommend CERTIFIED doctors and medical centers in Mexico that keep up to date with the most modern medical practices and procedures.

Our doctors strive to always be the best at what they do. Their human touch and attention go above and beyond to give you the best possible results.


Understanding that each patient and medical case is UNIQUE, drives us to ALWAYS deliver a tailor made service to better meet your medical and tourist needs.

Getting healthy or looking better while SAVING money with THE BEST doctors in Mexico is just a few clicks away. Book today!

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Safe Medical Tourism

We’re a medical facilitator and tourism company based in Tijuana that provides foreign patients with the BEST medical treatment recommendations in Mexico.

Our personalized approach ensures you’re taken care of while you focus on getting healthy.

Please, tell us how we can be of service and we’ll arrange your whole visit to Mexico.

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Our Services

Don't worry about anything, except getting healthy and having fun!

Safe Medical Tourism wants you to have the finest attention from the very first time you contact us until you finalize your treatment and get back home.

Whether this is your first time traveling to Mexico or whether you’re an experienced traveler, we want you to enjoy as much as possible without having to worry about anything, except getting healthy and having fun.

We recommend the best CERTIFIED doctors that keep up to date with modern techniques and procedures for your peace of mind.

Get healthy with the best hands in each medical specialty.

Let us help you each step of the way on your upcoming medical trip to Mexico. Our booking and follow-up services ensure that your needs are taken care of so you can focus on your health.

Flying into San Diego? Forget about driving or walking into Mexico! We can pick you up IN San Diego, drive you to your doctor’s appointment and back into the U.S.
We cater to big or small groups as we also have wheelchair accessible units.

Have you ever wondered why so many people love exploring Baja? Experience first hand Baja’s world famous cuisine and Valle de Guadalupe’s exquisite wineries. Enjoy sporting or live music events and much more!

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